Link: 10% Loss Sharing rebate

Dates : 31 Dec: 2014

Available to: all clients

Investing always involves both winning and losing. As a professional broker, we cannot guarantee winning opportunities, but we are willing to share your loss to a certain percentage. Therefore, NatureForex is pleased to offer you an attractive LOSS SHARING rebate program effective from 01.04.2014.

After registering for this program, if the market does not move in your favour and causes you losses and stop-out, you will be able to get back 10% of your lost funds provided that all program conditions are met. 10% Loss Sharing rebate goes directly to your balance, which can be used for trading, internal transferring and withdrawing


1. Client deposit again the same amount with claimed lost amount (maximum rebate amount is USD3000) Example: A client lost USD1000, he will get back $100 rebate (10% of $1000) into his balance as soon as he makes another deposit of USD1000

  1. Required volume (lots) to withdraw FULL rebate amount Required Traded Lots = Rebate amount / 20 (no less that 1 lot) Example: To be able to withdraw $100 rebate, the client above must trade at least $100/20 = 5 lots

3. Before meeting required volume, loss rebate can only be used for trading, and you can only withdraw your profits

4. If client withdraws before meeting required trading volume, rebate amount will be deducted proportionally Example: A client lost USD1000, he then deposits another USD1000, and gets USD100 rebate. However, he has just traded 3 lots, and decides to withdraw USD500 before meeting required trading volume (required volume = 100/20 = 5 lots). Then, his rebate will be deducted: (500/1000)*100 = 50USD