$30 No-Deposit Bonus Plus 100% Bonus on first deposit, $30 No-Deposit Bonus receive only one-time, The main idea of the action is to introduce to the new clients ForexPalm Broker and its terms of trade with real funds ,

Link: $30 No-Deposit Bonus Plus 100% Bonus on first deposit

Available Date:  30 September 2014

Available to: All new clients (only for verified accounts)

Withdrawal : Withdrawal of the profit gained in the result of the trading with the bonus funds is possible only from verified accounts.

The offer applies to Palm-Standard trading accounts type with USD currency. 

  1. Every new customer of the ForexPalm company who opened account in period from 01.09.2014 to 30.09.2014 has the right for one-time receiving of No Deposit Bonus. No Deposit Bonus is incompatible with other types of bonuses from the company. The bonus amount is $30.
  1. No Deposit Bonus accrual is allowed only for verified accounts.
  1. Withdrawal of the profit gained in the result of the trading with the bonus funds is possible only from verified accounts. The customer agrees to cancel the bonus in a full after filing the request for withdrawal of profit.
  1. No Deposit bonus can be withdrawn by the customer only after the settlement of BUY and SELL transactions in total, and equals X0,25 = lots, where X is the amount of bonus received. Withdrawn can only be the entire amount of the bonus and there is no possibility of partial withdrawal of the bonus. In order to withdraw the bonus funds from your trading account, you need to compose and send a request at the following address: support@forexpalm.com.  Please note that withdrawn bonus must be on the trading account at the moment of consideration by the manager of your request for withdrawal. The company reserves the right to reject any request for withdrawal of the bonus funds without giving any reasons.*

5. Profit from No Deposit Bonus can be withdrawn only in case if it exceeds 100% of the amount of the bonus. The withdrawal becomes available for any kind of profit which exceeds this limit.

Withdrawal amount is determined by the formula: Balance – ($ 30 + 100%) = Sum of withdrawal.

  1. The company reserves the right to cancel the No Deposit Bonus without any warning, so the company is strongly not recommended using bonus in the calculation of future or current profitability used in trading strategy. The company also is not responsible for any consequences associated with the cancellation of the bonus, including the occurrence of Stop Out, in view on the fact that accrued bonus is 100% owned by the company, until its worked by opening of the desired number of lots as specified in paragraph 4 of this Agreement.*
  1. Maximum leverage for customers who received No Deposit Bonus is 1:300.
  1. The stop out level for these accounts is 50%.
  1. The client agrees that in case of suspect in manipulations with using the bonus, the bonus can be cancelled and the trading result can be annulled.

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