WeÔÇÖre pleased to inform you that after several months of hard work, “WebTrader RoboForex” project has moved to a new level. The updated release version of the web-platform has become more functional, powerful, and convenient, because weÔÇÖve significantly improved it and implemented several additional features.

We should also note, that despite the release of the fully functional WebTrader version, weÔÇÖre not going to stop improving the platform. And the most considerable help we can get is yours, our clientsÔÇÖ. ThatÔÇÖs why, if you have any suggestions and comments to improve the web-terminal, use “Send feedback” in WebTrader window.

More detailed information about the web-terminal and its capabilities can be found in “WebTrader RoboForex” section of our website..

We wish you a profitable trading from any device together with WebTrader!