We are pleased to inform you that the company FBS opened a new office in Thailand! Our office is located in Bangkok, in the heart of the country, and opened its doors to all comers! This is the first office in Thailand; we are proud of our achievement and we are happy to invite all Thai customers!

The new office opened on July 22, 2015, exactly at 11:11. This time was specifically selected as a happy time by Thai monk, and we believe it will bring luck the company and all our customers! At the private celebration on the occasion of the creation of the office there were not only all employees of FBS from Thailand, but also high management. The ribbon was cut symbolizing the opening of representative offices. It was a momentous beginning!

Representation of the company waits for guests from 1st August 2015; since this moment the traders can come there with all issues. Especially for all customers from Thailand the 24/5 support of their native language was created there!
Now the services of the best broker in Asia will be more accessible, and thousands of traders have the opportunity to become much more successful! Everyone who works in the financial markets, will be able to come the office and get the answers, chat with qualified experts and learn how to earn more! Representation of the company has already planned his schedule free training seminars and training courses for beginners as well as for all customers who want to increase profits.

The new office is the center of attraction for all traders in Thailand! It offers not only invaluable knowledge and lucrative bonuses and but also chat in a pleasant atmosphere. Hurry to sign up for an appointment with the best specialists in the country FBS!

Company FBS is very proud of its missions and constantly expands the geography. The map has a lot of countries, and we do not cease to inform you about the opening of new offices! In just 6 years of operation, we have conquered the capital and financial centers dozens of states, won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of traders around the globe, and there are still a lot of points on the map where we are bound to appear in the near future!
FBS company always on your side!

Do not miss the opportunity to learn how to make more money right now! Open accounts, trade, and sign up for the meeting in the office!